Stakeholder Working Groups

Two stakeholder working groups – a Fishing Industry Working Group and a Berth Holders Working Group – have been formed to discuss the essential planned maintenance work by the Environment Agency on the Sutton Harbour lock gates.

The aim is to ensure stakeholders with an interest in the harbour are informed about the project and that their views, concerns and feedback are represented and contribute to the planning of the project, to identify the optimal manner and timing in which to conduct the works, while minimising the impact to collective set of users within the harbour.

Representatives to the Fishing Industry Working Group were agreed following discussions within the industry locally and a call for members to be part of the group. An online ballot among Sutton Harbour berth holders was conducted to elect representatives to Berth Holders Working Group.

Details of membership of the stakeholder groups are below and minutes of the group meetings are published below on this website.

Fishing Industry Working Group - Membership

  • Jason Berry (Plymouth Fishing and Seafood Association)
  • Allison Pessell (PTA)
  • Darren Andrews
  • Brian Tapper
  • Ben Squires
  • Rex Down
  • Ian Holman
  • Graham Searle
  • Joel Dunn
Jason Berry of the Plymouth Fishing and Seafood Association can be contacted at:

Leisure & Commercial Berth Holders Working Group - Membership

  • Chris Deane (with Adrian Bishop as a back-up for Chris)
  • David Evans
  • Nigel Green
  • Chris Heath
  • Natalie Kenyon
  • Richard Trafford
  • Dave Uren (representing small commercial MCA coded boats within the marina)
Berth Holders wishing to contact the group can do so by emailing:
David Evans:
Natalie Keynon:


Minutes of the Stakeholder Working Group meetings are available to view and download here:

Fishing Industry Working Group Meetings

Berth Holder Working Group Meetings

Joint Stakeholder Group Meetings